Rasonics is a professional manufacturer and exporter of full line furniture fittings in GuangDong province China, our majority products covers drawer slides, concealed hinges, handles, furniture screws, table legs, support fittings, kitchen fittings, wardrobe fittings, locks and some other fittings for kinds of furniture.

Rasonics established in 2000, with more than 10 years experience, we can offer our clients with qualified OEM service for their new project, it is not only an rough idea of R&D, but also with complete technical drawing, handle made sample, precise tooling and function testing to supply you the exactly right fitting as you need, Save your cost and time, that is what we did and insisted.

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  • BS45F
  • BS45H
  • CS05
  • CST3
  • CSTS
  • WB0089
  • L0103
  • L0056
  • M5827
  • M5828
  • M5804
  • L0061
  • L0063
  • M8024
  • M8309
  • AA0055
  • L1004
  • L0068
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